12 Awesome Facts About Mumbai To Live In

12 Awesome Facts About Mumbai To Live In

12 Awesome Facts About Mumbai To Live In

I am very glad to write this article for you people Mumbai lovers #thetravelers #Thefoodies etc etc i cant write every bit😊 as this is understood what Mumbai consist of!😉 Mumbai is always been a dream city for everyone of us we all wanted to visit Mumbai if not daily then once in a life time😊. Mumbai is city of dreams, The city that never sleeps, The city which gives you a platform for your dream.
Here I am to let you know why Mumbai is considered LIVE city of the world👍🏻

1.The Morning Alarm

Mumbai radio FM is the most happening feature of Mumbai. People travelling in trains are addicted to Mumbai Mirchi Radio FM


2. The Chaiwala


Mumbai is the only place you will get variety of chai (Tea).

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3.Vada Pav

Income Tax Dept Discovered ₹ 49 Crore Cash & Properties From Street Food Owners OF Mumbai

Vada pav is the national food of india which is largely consumed by Mumbaikars.

4. Night Clubs


As u know Mumbai is the city which never sleeps, the night clubs are the reason behind that best nite out place Mumbai😉

5.Dabba Wala


The lunch boxes serving men in Mumbai play an important role in an employees life he brings the food to all, the home made food.

6.Girls Nite Out


Mumbai is the place where girls can go for nite out and no one will bother them or judge them for it.

7. The Taxi/Auto driversauto-rickshaw-and-taxi-drivers-and-helpful-in-mumbai

They are the honest one they will return you your favour. if you forget your wallet in taxi they will surely give you back.

8. Diverse

Mumbai is a diverse city people from different religion and background living together with peace.



9. Festivals


Mumbai celebrates almost every festival with great enthusiasm and pleasure. It may be festival of light/colour every each and every festival even the birthdays of every great Indian leader.

10. Support Crisis.mainhands

Mumbai is the only city which gives his hand to every other city. Mumbai always helps The Poor, The Needy, The Blind, The Talented one. Mumbai supports everyone and every country which is in need.

11. Love For Everyone


Mumbaikars loves everyone. Even our soldiers they always help them and their family.

12. Lifestyle


Only one word for lifestyle and that is the reason why everyone wants to be Mumbai citizen its “AWESOME”😍

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