FBI Arrests Muslim ‘Refugee’ in Tucson Moments Before It Was Tragically Too Late

This is another reason why we need the wall.What’s even scarier is when you have radical leftists stealing elections. Like Kyrsten Sinema who is for open borders.

I have a feeling we are going to see more of this to come.

From PJ Media:

The FBI arrested 30-year-old Ahmad Suhad Ahmad in Tucson, Arizona, last week following a two-year investigation.

According to the limited information contained in the two-page criminal complaint, Ahmad had told a confidential source in December 2016 that he knew how to detonate a bomb using a cell phone — a technique he said he learned during the war in Iraq.

In April 2017, the same confidential source asked Ahmad if he knew how to make a car bomb for a target in Mexico, and if he could show him how to build one. Ahmad agreed.

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