GOP Senator Opposes ALL 53 Of Trump’s Picks – McConnell Responds With A Vengeance

As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service in the world, TTOA offers the following information published by Governor Palin:

President Trump and Republican looking to bounce back from losing a Republican majority in the House of Representatives may have just hit a roadblock: Senator Jeff Flake.

After the loss, Republican Senators seemed willing to set aside legislative work for another role granted to them in the Constitution: the confirmation of judicial nominations.

The judicial system has been clogged by sluggish Senate practices and more than 50 judicial picks are seeking votes by the chamber.
The Arizona Senator, who did not seek re-election and whose seat was won by Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, has now vocalized that he will resist all of President Trump’s picks unless he gets a protection bill for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Flake doesn’t want Trump or someone at the Justice Department interfering in the investigation or ending it prematurely and is willing to hold 53 judicial picks hostage.

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