President Trump And Secretary Zinke Were Both RIGHT!

California is being burned top to bottom by three raging wildfires. The Camp Fire is the deadliest fire in California history. Many people have died and many more are missing. And all of this stems from poor forest management according to President Trump and Secretary Zinke. They are right.

Those on the left who are radical environmentalists and that claim to love nature so much do not want the forests cared for and yet they scream for aid when the predictable happens. I’ve been through many of the forests in California and out west and if you just let tinder lie as it falls then you can’t be surprised when a fire eventually breaks out. It’s nature’s way of cleaning house. The Daily Caller has a great piece on this issue:

On the California wildfires, President Trump tweeted: “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor,” and three months ago, Secretary Zinke identified the same cause for western wildfires: “This has to do with active forest management.”

As a forester, I have to say they are both pointing to the main culprit. I spend much of my time in the West, with West-Coast foresters, and one of them regularly points to a federally-managed forest as a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Before you say this is just a forester saying federal land needs more forestry, several independent government reports have come to the same conclusion.

California’s Little Hoover Commission is an independent state oversight agency that is charged with making reports and giving advice to the Governor and Legislature, and last February they issued a report on rethinking forest management in the Sierra Nevada relative to wildfires, concluding:

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