Angry Citizens Don’t Want Invader Caravan In Their Town – Serve Them Texas Sized Justice!

The scouting party for the first migrant caravan has now arrived at the US-Mexican border. They are camped out on the beach on the Mexican side. Somewhere between 750 and 900 illegal aliens are now awaiting the larger caravan before pushing for entry into the US. The Mexican government has opened a temporary shelter for them.

This group is in Playas de Tijuana, which is an upscale neighborhood. The residents there don’t want them there and flatly told them to get out. The angry residents sang the Mexican national anthem and waved flags. They got into fights with the migrants as well. The police pretty much just watched. But they are cool with the invaders crossing into the US.

Sarah Palin has more on this story:

Over the last week, hundreds of members of the migrant caravan arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border, forming an encampment on the beach on the Mexican side of the border. These members joined the several hundred which were already there—about 750 in total— waiting for the remainder of the group before progressing any further.

In an effort to help, the Mexican government opened a temporary shelter for the caravan so they would not have to stay on the beach. Because the new housing option could only fit about 360 migrants on thin mattresses in an indoor basketball court, the caravan refused to leave their post on the beach. The shelters also reportedly had a curfew and some of the migrants at the beach referred to the shelters as “jails.”

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