Caravan’s Sick Plan Immediately Unfolds in NEW Stat After Border Patrol Blocks Them

The invasion has already begun in Arizona where thousands of our troops have been deployed to the southern border to stop the invading migrant caravans headed our way. Border Patrol agents have already detained 650 illegal aliens in just two days this week. That’s just staggering.

This happened in Yuma Sector on Monday and Tuesday where 654 people were detained. Most were families or unaccompanied minors from Guatemala. These people are not connected to the actual caravans on their way to our border. And more and more are arriving all along the border. It’s beginning to look more and more like a full-scale invasion. The caravan’s sick plan is now unfolding. Fox News has more on this national security threat:

A large group of illegal immigrants is observed moving to the U.S. border near Yuma, Arizona where they crossed into the country illegally before being apprehended. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

As thousands of troops deployed to the southern border await the arrival of a caravan of migrants heading towards the U.S., border patrol agents in Arizona have already been busy, detaining more than 650 illegal immigrants in just two days this week.

Agents in the Yuma Sector said they detained 654 people – most reportedly being family units or unaccompanied minors from Guatemala – on Monday and Tuesday.

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