Lindsey Graham Backs Trump With Newfound Backbone – Then Career Takes Sudden Turn

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Sen. Charles E. Grassley announced Friday he’ll become chairman of the Finance Committee next year, creating a domino effect that leaves Sen. Lindsey Graham as the likely chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Mr. Grassley, who’s also in line to become Senate president pro tempore, had the option to stay at the helm of the Judiciary Committee, but opted to return to the Finance Committee, where he’s also a senior member.

During his time as chairman on Judiciary, he shepherded both of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees through the confirmation process, as well as setting a record for most circuit appeals court nominees confirmed in a president’s first Congress.

Now, that role will likely fall to Mr. Graham, who has already signaled some of the changes he’ll make, including a stern approach to Democrats’ efforts to block nominees.

Mr. Graham praised Mr. Grassley’s leadership of the committee, saying he serves as a model and led with a “steady hand.”
“If I am fortunate enough to be selected by my colleagues to serve as Chairman, I will push for the appointment and Senate confirmation of highly qualified conservative judges to the federal bench and aggressive oversight of the Department of Justice and FBI,” Mr. Graham said in a press release.

Mr. Graham made headlines amid the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh with an angry denunciation of Democrats’ tactics.

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