Michelle Spills Devastating Secret About Barack And DESTROYS His ‘Perfect’ Image

Michelle Obama just spilled the worst kept, devastating secret about her relationship with Barack. Evidently, there have been times when she questioned whether she should stay with him. There goes Obama’s ‘perfect’ image.

Michelle supposedly divulged this while on a publicity blitz for her upcoming memoir, “Becoming.” Frankly, most Americans aren’t surprised by this news in the least. Their marriage never seemed to be a close one with both of them taking separate vacations and only cuddling for photo-ops. The Hill has more on Michelle’s candid and pointedly timed remarks:

They’ve been married more than two decades, but Michelle Obama is revealing that at times she’s questioned whether she wanted to stay with former President Obama.

“Because we’re role models, it’s important for us to be honest and say, if you’re in a marriage and there are times you want to leave, that’s normal — because I felt that way,” Obama says in an interview with People published Monday, while recalling the couple’s visits with a marriage counselor.

The former first lady is on a publicity blitz ahead of the Tuesday release of her memoir, “Becoming.”

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