Loggers Blindside Dems With Evidence Supporting Trump’s Claims About Cause of Wildfire

President Trump has said that he believes that the forest fires in California and in the west are caused by poor forest management by environmentalists there. He’s correct and Secretary Zinke agrees with him. But Trump is not the only one saying this.

A national logging organization just blindsided Dems and is speaking up and saying they agree with President Trump on the catastrophic wildfires burning from head to toe in California. Last time I heard, over 63 people had perished and over 1,000 were missing. Instead of being good stewards of the forests in California and cleaning out underbrush, it is left there to dry out and catch fire. The Washington Times has more on the support for Trump on this issue:

A vehicle drives through smoke from a wildfire near Pulga, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

A national logging organization is offering support to President Trump following catastrophic wildfires in California and a political debate over the causes of the destructive blazes.

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