Facebook Announces New Way To Judge Content Review Decisions And It’s Not Good! DELETE FACEBOOK NOW!

Facebook has just developed an ‘independent body’ to decide what content should stay and what content should go on the social media platform. What that probably means is that they’ll give the ‘higher court’ oversight to a liberal company who will still censor conservatives. It’s a way for it not to be Facebook’s fault when someone is purged.

They made a similar move when they outsourced fact-checking. Facebook will still promote liberal ideas and will keep censoring more and more conservatives who they wish to silence because too many people listen to their views. That isn’t going to change and this move is not a good one. In fact, it is yet another reason to get off Facebook entirely. Breitbart has further details on this farce:

Facebook has announced the formation of an independent body designed to review and make decisions on content which could affect Facebook’s policies in the future.

Facebook announced this week that the company will be developing an independent body to make decisions relating to what content should be removed from the social media platform, Yahoo News reports. While Facebook has increased their ability to detect “hate speech” and terrorism-related content on the platform, the social media website has still come under fire for their decision relating to the removal of certain types of content  – it appears this independent body is an attempt to remedy that situation.

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