Fellow Journalists Torch Jim Acosta, He ‘Abused His Privileges’

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CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta has not been getting the love he desires from some of his colleagues.

On Saturday CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett took a shot at Acosta’s behavior at press briefings and now another journalist has joined him.

The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin wrote in a story published on Sunday that he believes that “Acosta abused his privileges as a member of the press.”

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. That age-old advice about the distinction between freedom and wisdom came to mind as I read the ruling that requires the White House to reissue media credentials to CNN blowhard Jim Acosta.

Federal Judge Timothy Kelly said Acosta must be allowed to return because there was no due process in the decision to suspend him. Kelly, appointed by President Trump, emphasized he wasn’t ruling on the merits of the suspension or Acosta’s behavior, only the process.

“I have not determined that the First Amendment was violated here,” he wrote, adding that the White House has no obligation to call on Acosta for questions.

While the outcome is a setback for Trump, it is also sensible and points the way forward. The president responded by saying his team will draw up rules requiring “decorum” and standards of behavior, and predicts ultimate victory.
Actually, he’s already won something bigger than the case at hand. He’s established the principle that a press pass is not a license to lecture and hector the president while refusing to yield the microphone, all of which Acosta did.

The principle is so obvious it shouldn’t need to be clarified, but written rules are necessary because Acosta abused his privilege. Now the details of the rules must be spelled out to cover any future cases.

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