House Republicans to Subpoena Swamp Slugs Comey and Lynch – Comey’s Just Responded

The House Republicans are not done with swamp slugs, Comey and Lynch. They plan to subpoena both of them. Comey just responded that they can ask him anything they want but he wants to answer via a public hearing. He’s claiming to want transparency. Funny, that’s not something he’s very good at.

One of the last acts of the House Judiciary Committee will be to subpoena these two characters before the Democrats take control. The Dems are fighting this tooth and nail to stall until they take the reins of the powerful committee. TheBlaze has the scoop on this story:

House Republicans are planning to subpoena former FBI Director James Comey and Obama administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch – and Comey has already responded. If Republicans follow through, they will be subpoenaed after Thanksgiving. Comey is making statements to the propagandic media to cover his rear.

“Truth is best served by transparency”

The former FBI director who has become a vehement foe of the president responded via a tweet on his social media account.

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