Student Senate Member Told to Resign After They Learned She Was a Christian

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A Christian elected to the student senate at the University of California at Berkeley is refusing to resign after declining to vote on a resolution to oppose the Trump administration’s recent Title IX changes

“There’s a Christian community and campus that has been praying for me and encouraging me throughout all this. And if I don’t represent their views, who else will?” Isabella Chow said in an interview with Campus Reform.

She was attacked for refusing to oppose the federal government’s reversal of Barack Obama’s expansion of Title IX to make “gender identity” a protected class.

The Obama administration claimed that the 1972 law was written with “gender identity” in mind, meaning men should be allowed to use women’s restrooms and showers.

When she abstained, Chow, who represents the Associated Students of the University of California party Student Action, was dropped by her party.

Campus Reform explained: “The proposed Title IX changes lack a legal definition of gender, effectively limiting ‘gender identity’ to one’s physical sex. … The resolution before the Berkeley student government was a statement of opposition to these proposed changes, intended to display solidarity with members of the LGBT community, specifically ‘transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender nonconforming students,’ as reported by the independent student newspaper the Daily Californian.”

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