Trump Gives Final Warning To Democrats, Fund The Wall Or Else

President Donald Trump has had it with the Democrat’s games.

As the Honduran migrant caravan has reached the border the president told reporters on Saturday that the Democrats are going to have to play ball and fund the border wall.

President Trump told reporters that if Democrats did not fund the wall he would shut down the government, ABC News reported.

President Donald Trump told reporters at the White House Saturday that this would be a “good time” for a government shutdown if he doesn’t get funding from Congress for his border wall.

“I think probably, if I was ever going to do a shutdown over border security, when you look at the caravans, when you look at the mess, when you look at the people coming in, this would be a very good time to do a shutdown,” Trump said.

Trump added, however, that he didn’t think a shutdown would “be necessary, because I think the Democrats will come to their senses.”

With the midterm elections now over, Congress is anticipating returning to a battle over Trump’s promised border wall.

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