Trump Just Suggested a Brilliant Idea To Stop Acosta Once And For All

CNN’s Jim Acosta has officially had his White House press credentials reinstated by a judge. What may seem like a victory to Acosta though is probably the death of his access to President Trump. The president can simply ignore him or he might have the camera turned away from Acosta even though CNN would probably sue over that.

Last week, the president also said that if Acosta steps out of line, he would be removed from the room. If that failed, the president would thank everyone and end the press conference. All of those are valid options and none are ones that CNN and Acosta will be happy with. Fox News has more on Trump’s plans for Acosta:

President Trump, speaking exclusively to Fox News’ Chris Wallace in a wide-ranging interview, revealed what President Obama told him was the biggest challenge facing the U.S., discussed pending high-level departures from his administration and admitted that he occasionally enjoys calling on CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

“Actually I like to do it, but in many cases I don’t,” Trump acknowledged. In ruling that the administration temporarily has to restore Acosta’s White House access pass on Fifth Amendment due process grounds, federal judge Timothy J. Kelly noted that Trump could simply choose to ignore Acosta. (The judge, in his preliminary decision, did not rule on CNN’s First Amendment claim.)

But Trump, speaking to Wallace, floated another idea for handling Acosta.

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