College Student Says ‘Illegal Alien’ On Facebook – School Has CRIMINAL Reaction

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The Associated Student Government at Emporia State University in Kansas tried to impeach the student body vice president for using the term “illegal alien” on her personal Facebook page. The vote failed a two-thirds approval vote with 11 votes in favor, seven against, and three abstentions.

Campus Reform reports that Michaela Todd, a senior at the university and Campus Reform correspondent, was called to resign by fellow students and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Todd used the phrase “illegal alien” in a supportive Facebook post about former Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach prior to election day on November 6.

“Put Kansas first, not illegal aliens,” she wrote. “The millions of dollars spent on public welfare for illegal aliens in Kansas hurts Kansas taxpayers every single day.”

In July, the Justice Department instructed U.S. attorneys to use the term “illegal alien” instead of “undocumented immigrant” because the “word ‘undocumented’ is not based in US code and should not be used to describe someone’s illegal presence in the country.”

Students took screenshots of Todd’s post and shared it on social media labeling her post “racist” and “ignorant.”

The Multicultural Greek Council said that Todd “does not represent us” on Twitter and called on the university to “take the measures needed to show us that she does not represent ESU either.”

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