Jerry Brown Might Be in BIG TROUBLE Over Wildfires; Here’s Why…

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California Governor Jerry Brown might just land in hot water over the recent spate of wildfires as his veto of the 2016 Wildfire Mitigation bill comes under increased scrutiny, per the Washington Free Beacon:

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2016 veto of wildfire-related bill is facing new scrutiny in the wake of the deadliest, most destructive week of fires in state history.

The measure would have required the state government’s public utility commission to work with municipalities to ensure that energy companies do all they can to prevent fires in high-risk areas.

When he vetoed the bill, Brown dismissed it as unnecessary and redundant to efforts the utility commission had already begun, arguing that it would gum up the process already underway.

The governor’s critics disagree, especially now that a power line is suspected to have caused the Camp Fire, which wiped out the small town of Paradise, Calif. in the worst fire in state history.

The Daily Caller News Foundation has more on what that legislation might have accomplished:

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