Mexican Protesters in Tijuana Blindside Caravan Of Illegal Aliens – They Had Enough!

The growing number of migrants in the border city of Tijuana has made the residents there take to the streets in protest.

Imagine, if the residents in Tijuana are mad about all of the people and fighting why would we let them in?

Breitbart reported:

Mexican protesters took to the streets on Sunday to protest the growing influx of Central American migrants who have made their way to the border city of Tijuana.
In the most recent protest, groups of Tijuana residents want to evict the migrants from a shelter where approximately 2,000 Central Americans are staying. The Tijuana government set up the shelter as the city witnessed a reported buildup of federal and state police forces while the numbers of migrants continue to climb.

In two videos shared online by U.S. journalist Emily Green, dozens of protesters, some wearing wrestling masks and bandanas, can be seen marching towards the makeshift shelter.

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