Americans Just Voiced Their Concern For The Top Problem We Are Facing Right Now – Huge Win For Trump

Gallup just conducted a poll this month and the results are a huge win for President Trump. According to Gallup, the top problem we are facing right now is illegal immigration. It certainly is and the Democrats are playing obstructionists in handling it every way they can. Everything from the wall to border security, to national security… they’ve messed it all up.

21% of Americans feel this way, which is a big jump from 13% in October. That’s bad news for the Democrats and deservedly so. A country that cannot control its borders is not a sovereign nation. “Dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership” came in second at 18%, followed by healthcare at 11%. Breitbart has more details on the mood in America currently:

Illegal immigration is top problem facing Americans, according to November’s Gallup survey that was released on Tuesday.

Gallup’s poll found that 21% of Americans believe that “immigration/illegal aliens” is the top problem facing the country, up from 13% from October. “Dissatisfaction with government/Poor leadership” came in second at 18%, followed by health care at 11%.

The poll, conducted November 1-11, found that the “immigration/illegal aliens” issue is particularly important to Republicans, “37% of whom name it as the most important problem — an increase of 17 points from the prior month.”

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