Democrat Voters REALLY Want Pelosi As Speaker — But It’s Not Even Close

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Democratic voters heavily prefer House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reclaim her role as speaker of the House when the Democrats takes back leadership, according to a poll released Wednesday.

Politico-Morning Consult survey showed that 48 percent of voters who registered as Democrats would like to see the Democratic California congresswoman in the speakership position, compared to 22 percent of such voters who oppose.

However, only 27 percent of all voters, regardless of party affiliation, believe Pelosi should be made speaker while 43 percent believe someone else should lead the party.

Pelosi served as the speaker of the House from 2007 until 2011, the only woman to ever hold that position. She has announced she will be running for re-election to the leadership role, which would make her only the seventh individual to return to the speakership on non-consecutive terms if elected.

The survey also showed that Pelosi’s favorability was underwater with less than one-third of total voters viewing her favorably. Only 29 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of the minority leader, while 46 percent view her unfavorably.

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