Group Warns Americans About What Migrants Have Planned To Do At Border En Masse

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An aid group sympathetic to the migrant caravan currently parked in Tijuana says some members of the group are planning to scramble across the U.S. border en masse.

According to Fox News, Angels without Borders founder Sergio Tamai talked to San Diego’s Spanish-language media Telemundo 20 and said, “They have that intention. I believe that thousands could make that jump.”

There are about 3,000 migrants camping out in Tijuana with many more on the way. The locals have not exactly been welcoming, with the mayor and an angry mob calling the would-be Central American refugees “an invasion” and calling them “criminals” and “freeloaders.”

The Department Of Homeland Security is warning Americans that the migrants are not an innocuous collection of women and children.

It is uncertain what happens next. A federal judge nixed President Donald Trump’s plans to order a temporary halt to illegal immigrants obtaining refugee status. If the migrants are allowed to apply for asylum, it could take six months to assess their claims.

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