Trump Under Major Pressure To Make Agreement Or Gov’t Will SHUTDOWN 2 Weeks

It’s that time again… time to not panic over a government shutdown. Some on the right are calling for Trump to work with the Democrats to keep it from happening. But honestly, why should he? They have obstructed him every step of the way, especially on the wall and illegal immigration. Maybe a shutdown would do Congress and the country some good. It sure wouldn’t hurt.

We do need a balanced budget, but with the Democrats controlling the House, it is unlikely to materialize. If Trump compromises for it, they will load it up with corrupt pork and it will be worse than if he’d done nothing at all. Spending definitely needs to be cut all over the place except the military. The Dems will want the military cut and nothing else. What’s a president to do?

Sarah Palin has more on this conundrum:

President Trump will have to ignore the results of the most recent congressional elections and get back to work with his current congressional body as a partial government shutdown is potentially two weeks away.

Congress has made a habit of kicking the can down the road and rather than passing a balanced budget for the entire year, scoring short-term agreements.

Their process is two-fold: Facing a deadline like a government shut down, some people within Congress dig in their heels and refuse to cave on issues, some are more conciliatory when faced with potentially being blamed for the shutdown; also, Congress as a whole struggles to balance the yearly budget without making major cuts to their spending—something which would reflect poorly with constituents—so they make incremental cuts throughout the year.

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