Navy SEAL Annihilates Trump-Hating Hosts On Live TV, Leaves Them Stuttering – WATCH!

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An incoming Democratic member of Congress said Sunday the incoming House majority should focus on oversight of the Trump administration to “save our democracy,” a remark that set off a debate and drew a rebuke from one of his Republican soon-to-be colleagues.

“I think that right now it’s important for this majority in the House to engage in some really critical oversight of an administration that is undermining a lot of critical freedoms for folks in our country. When I say save our democracy, I mean precisely that,” Democratic Rep.-elect Joe Neguse of Colorado said on “Face the Nation” Sunday alongside three other newly elected members.

“I think some of our democratic freedoms and the principles that we live by have been under attack for the better part of the last two years.”

The prospect of House Democrats launching a slew of investigations into the administration has seemed to rankle Mr. Trump, who could find his legislative agenda stalled for the remainder of his presidency.Republican Rep.-elect Dan Crenshaw of Texas pushed back against Neguse’s criticism of the president.

“What is he undermining exactly? You know, what democratic freedoms have been undermined?” Crenshaw asked. “We just had an election where we switched power in the House. Democracy is at work. People are voting in record numbers.”

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