Trump Destroys Clinton-Obama ‘Holy Grail’ – Democrats Strike Out

Donald is dropping some law-and-order on Bill and Barack.

Trump is the law and order President. Unfortunately, laws under Clinton and Obama have made America less safe,

The Clinton crime bill was one of the worst laws passed in American history. The bill put thousands of nonviolent offenders in jailand conspired to remove fathers from the home.

The Democrats then had a surefire way to get single mothers addicted to welfare so they could vote Democrat.

The bill did nothing to actually help lower crime. It only forced prisons to accommodate thousands of new inmates, leaving little space to take in the criminals who needed to be there.

But Trump is signing on to a bill from Congress to change that legacy.

From Fox News:

From a man who was sentenced to life after stealing $150 worth of videotapes to an offender sentenced for shoplifting a jacket worth $159, new prison reform tries to overhaul the controversial “three strikes” law that led to people spending their life in prison for petty crimes.

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