Horrifying Scene At Olympic Village – It Will Never Be The Same

The quaint and historic northern city of Turin in Italy has serious problems these days. The former Olympic villager there has become a horrific no-go zone for Islamists and has been taken over by Nigerian gangs. Reportedly, the village is filled with migrants and the police will no longer go in there. It was the site of the 2006 winter Olympics, but it is now a so-called “social center.”

95 percent of the inhabitants of the village are migrant men aged 25 to 35. They come from Nigeria, Gambia, and Mali. Most of them are illegal immigrants. They have the full support of far-left extremists. It has become a ghetto and a hotbed for violence and unrest. Breitbart has more on the tragic devolvement of the village:

The former Olympic village in the northern Italian city of Turin has become a no-go zone according to reports that say the area has become filled with migrants and police “do not enter”.

The three buildings within the village were built to house athletes during the 2006 winter Olympics, but are now increasingly used by newly arrived migrants along with far-left activists in their so-called “social centres,” Il Giornale reports.

Around 95 percent of the residents are men aged 25 to 35 and come from mainly Nigeria, Gambia, and Mali. A large number of them are reported to be illegal migrants.

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