Justice Kavanaugh Got The Last Laugh On Dems, Made Them Pay

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It appears that the Democrat plan to ruin Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh worked to destroy themselves.

In a midterm election where the Democrats took back the House of Representatives they missed the major prize of the Senate.

It was something they could have had if they played their cards properly.

But the decision to attempt to do to Justice Kavanaugh what they attempted to do to Justice Clarence Thomas backfired immensely, The Washington Examiner reported.

Did Dianne Feinstein lose the Senate for Democrats by trying to turn the battle of Justice Brett Kavanaugh into a second Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas fight? The answer is most likely yes.

Sen. Feinstein, D-Calif., didn’t intend this when she made the calculated decision to create the fiasco. But decide she did. She sat for more than two months on the letter that Christine Blasey Ford sent her. She released it only when Kavanaugh’s hearings were over, so that a new, stand-alone hearing would have to take place. She refused Ford’s request that she be allowed to testify in private and in California, as was her preference, making her instead come to Washington to participate in a day-long, nationally televised he-said-she-said extravaganza.

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