Obama Nails Trump With A LOW BLOW – Barack Just Went WAY Too Far!

The media loves to say Donald Trump is a bully.

But when it comes to insulting others, the Left has everyone beat.

Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton have all called for the harassment of conservatives in the past year, claiming anyone who isn’t a leftist is an unwelcome enemy.

Former President Barack Obama is no exception, and he just said something about the President’s past that has Americans up in arms.

If Democrats are so superior, why are they taking adolescent potshots like this…?

From Western Journal:

Former President Barack Obama said on Monday that one of the reasons President Donald Trump has trouble fixing the nation’s problems is because he suffers from ‘mommy issues.’

The former president made the statement at the Obama Foundation summit, held at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Chicago.

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  • Move along to the ash bin of history, Barry.
    We gave you a chance. You blew it! Only made things much worse.

    That’s what we get, for sending a boy out to do a man’s job.