Trump Actually WANTS Pelosi To Be Speaker – Here’s His Genius Reason Why

The battle for the next House Speaker is heating up, and the GOP is playing chess while the Democrats are playing checkers.

It seemed like Nancy Pelosi was a shoe-in to be the next Speaker.

But guess what? Even top-ranking members of her own party doesn’t want anything to do with her:

That’s why House Democrats have launched a “Never Nancy” movement to stop her.

These efforts make sense when you look at Pelosi’s track record. Historically, Pelosi has only hurt herself and her own Party.
And that’s precisely why GOP strategists actually WANT her to win.

From Fox News:

“On ‘Fox & Friends’ Friday, Chris Wilson, a former campaign pollster for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), said it is ‘certainly’ in the Republican Party’s best interest to have Pelosi serve as speaker.

He said that President Trump understands that, noting that he has endorsed Pelosi and said she ‘deserves’ to be speaker.”

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