After Caravan Surges At Border, Trump Slams The Door On Them

The caravan had a perfect plan, but Donald just turned the tables on them.

Democrats in Washington are telling Americans they have to accept the caravan flooding our border.

Not Donald Trump. The president has vowed this caravan would not be allowed inside.

Migrants have tried to jump fences, so Trump covered them in epic amounts of barbed wire.

He used executive orders to protect our citizens, but liberal courts have tried to undermine him.

But now, Trump’s latest move is his strongest yet, and it will show both liberals and their migrant puppets that he is not backing down.

From Washington Post:

According to DHS memos obtained by The Washington Post on Wednesday, Central American asylum seekers who cannot establish a “reasonable fear” of persecution in Mexico will not be allowed to enter the United States and would be turned around at the border…

They had expected to be able to stay in the United States while their claims move through immigration court. The new rules would disrupt those plans, and the hopes of other Central Americans who seek asylum in the United States each year.

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