Democrats Erupt In Civil War – Top Leader On Brink Of Getting Fired

They tried to hide it, but now it’s out in the open.

Democrat leadership is in trouble, and now Americans are getting a front row seat to watch them implode.

After trying to present a unified front against Trump during the midterm elections, the Democrat Party’s fractures are beginning to resurface now that they’ve won back the House.

Power is going to their heads, and Democrats eager for their chance to lead have caused insurrections within their circles.

These mutinies are causing the Democrats to throw their own leaders out, and one in particular just got hit hard.

From Breitbart:

The Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday dealt a blow to Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez, passing a no-confidence vote against the embattled Party boss.

Caucus members told Politico that Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) introduced the debate over the DNC’s controversial superdelegate system and eventually led to the motion passing against Perez.

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