Fourth Caravan Invades From New Nation – The Border Wave Is Coming

Caravan #4, and from another country – here comes the tsunami liberals started.

The Honduran caravan just inspired a copycat, and the invasion of the United States from third world countries shows no signs of letting up.

Liberals and the media have been working tirelessly to help people jump the border into the country.

The first wave of the Honduras caravan has already arrived at our border with Tijuana. Two more caravans from Guatemala were busted as well.

Now yet another caravan is on its way, this time from another Central American country.

From Reuters:

At least 150 Salvadorans set off on Sunday from their impoverished Central American country in a U.S.-bound caravan, ignoring their likely rejection at the U.S.-Mexico border where a larger caravan of mostly Hondurans has been stalled for days.

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