Jim Acosta and Alex Jones Could Soon Be Seated TOGETHER in White House Press Room

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta and Infowars publisher Alex Jones could both lob questions at President Trump’s press secretary if petitioners succeed in an effort pending on the White House website.

A publicly-created petition recently posted on the “We the People” section of the official White House site calls on the Trump administration to grant press credentials to the right-wing Infowars publisher and assign him a seat him alongside CNN’s chief White House correspondent.

“Alex Jones‘ first amendment rights are being violated everyday he does not have White House press credentials,” wrote the petition’s creator. “Let Alex Jones have press credentials and a permanent seat next to Jim Acosta!”

Created on Nov. 17, the petition has been digitally signed over 34,000 times within a week of going live, placing it on path toward possibly triggering an official response.

The White House provides an official update to petitions that have been signed at least 100,000 times within 30 days of their creation, giving the petition roughly three weeks to garner the remaining signatures required for a reply.

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