Student Says ‘Illegal Alien’ On Facebook – Her School’s Reaction Is CRIMINAL

The Left screams about tolerance … but only if it furthers their progressive agenda.

A student in Kansas learned this lesson the hard way after expressing a “problematic” opinion on social media.

It’s worrisome how widespread these stories are becoming, but liberals are making one thing clear:

They only want free speech for themselves, and not anyone else.

Our colleges are the greatest example of this problem. Universities are currently battlegrounds for conservatives, who have to fight every day for their right to speak.

But the Student Council Vice President at Emporia State University is refusing to give in to cultural totalitarianism, and is not apologizing for her beliefs.

From The Daily Wire:

Michaela Todd, a senior at the university and Campus Reform correspondent, was called to resign by fellow students and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

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