Federal Judge Blindsides Hillary – Sets Washington Swamp On Fire

The judge just turned a spotlight on Clinton’s biggest crime – now she has nowhere to hide.

The Clinton’s many crimes have been well documented for decades:

From Whitewater to Uranium One, they’ve proven that they are conniving, ruthless, and will do anything for money.

Thus far they’ve been able to escape justice thanks to their connections, much to the frustration to the American people.

Many thought Clinton’s latest scandal involving her emails would finally be the nail in her coffin, but former FBI director James Comey allowed her to escape consequences yet again.

But now, there are some determined people in Washington who are refusing to let this case slide, and a federal judge’s order has the Washington swamp in panic mode.

From The Daily Caller:

“A federal court is compelling former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to respond to further questions — under oath — about her notorious emails.

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