Leftist Women’s Group STRIPPED Of Top Award. They’re Guilty Of 1 Horrid Action—SICK!

The so-called Women’s March should really be called “The March for Radical Leftist Women”.

Women who don’t bow to liberal groupthink are not welcome to participate.

Just last year, the pro-life group New Wave Feminists wanted to join the March, but leaders banned them from attending, proving that the Women’s March is NOT inclusive.

And this was hardly the first time leftist marches were caught excluding women whom they find “problematic”.

Jewish women carrying Israeli flags have also been told that they’re not welcome at these liberal marches.

The Left’s disdain for Israel is apparent, and the leaders of the Women’s March are outspoken in their hatred for the Jewish state.

But now another leftist group is condemning the Women’s March’s actions, and will no longer be giving them its highest award.

From The Daily Wire:

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