Mayor Of Town Flooded With Illegals Just Declared A Crisis – Trump Has PERFECT Response

Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum of Tijuana, Mexico is begging the UN to help with the influx of thousands of illegal aliens who are demanding entry into the United States. The Mexican government is ignoring the mayor and instead struck a deal with President Trump to keep the invaders on the Mexican side while being processed. Gastelum has declared a crisis.

President Trump is standing firm and says the illegal invaders will not cross the border until they are individually approved in court. He says he’ll shut down the entire border if necessary and the military and the Border Patrol are ready to rumble. Mexico let it get to this point and Trump is putting a stop to this one way or the other. Chicks on the Right has more on this standoff:

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekends! I know many of you (myself included) unplugged for a few days from the wild world of politics. I can’t be the only one who’s completely politicked out.

As you can imagine, none of our country’s political problems magically disappeared over the holiday weekend. Bummer. In fact, the border crisis is still going strong. Tijuana’s mayor has actually declared a “humanitarian crisis.” It’s that bad. There are thousands of migrants at the border, and Tijuana doesn’t really know what to do with them. The world’s answer? AMERICAAAAAAA! Open your gates!

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