Obama’s ‘Sinister’ Sneak Attack On Trump Uncovered – He Had It Deeply Embedded

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In his new book, Corey Lewandowski details how he believes former President Obama attempted to sabotage President Donald Trump.

The former campaign manager for the president said that Obama had “sinister” intentions when he advised President Trump to not hire General Michael T. Flynn to protect the Deep State, The Daily Mail reported.

They describe how President Obama and President-elect Trump sat talking for a long time in the Oval Office, stretching what was supposed to have been a ninety-minute meeting into a freewheeling session that went well beyond three hours.

‘You might have seen pictures of that day—all smiles, backslapping, and friendly handshakes. By all accounts, President-elect Trump truly enjoyed his meeting with President Obama that afternoon. Those smiles were all genuine, at least on Trump’s part.’

On the way back to Trump Tower from LaGuardia the president-elect called Lewandowski from the secure phone in the car.

‘Corey took the call in Dave’s office. Mr. Trump was elated. It might have been the first time he ever spoke to Obama face-to-face.

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