After Hundreds Rush Border, Trump Drops Final Anvil On Caravan

Democrats thought Donald would never go this far – so he went even further.

President Trump knew that the Honduras caravan would be a disaster, and now the world is seeing he was right.

The time has come for drastic action. The caravan is showing up, and they’re as bad as we expected. Hundreds pushed past the police and rushed the American border.

Rocks are being thrown at border patrol guards, and parts of the border fence are being torn down. One Honduran man even set a tree on fire.

These are the so-called “peaceful” people that the Democrats want you to accept into our country. They are not even in America yet and they have already demonstrated a lack of respect for our laws.

Trump has had enough of these migrants treating our laws like they don’t matter, and now he’s doing something that Obama and Hillary would never do.

From Fox News:

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