Caravan Caught Chanting Obama’s Slogan – Democrats In Deep Trouble

Democrats swear they didn’t start the caravan – but their new chant says it all.

The more we hear from the migrant caravan, the more we realize how much trouble the Democrats are in.

They thought they could organize this group and unleash it onto the United States. Democrats hoped it would look like an organic movement created by itself. They were quickly exposed by the president himself.

Many believed this group was spurred on towards the U.S. border by liberals and immigration activists.

Democrats hoped to overwhelm our border, letting thousands to slip in unnoticed.

Of course, they denied being connected to the caravan in anyway. But now several border jumpers themselves have revealed their allegiance.

From Grabien:

On Sunday hundreds of people partaking in the well publicized migrant caravan attempted to storm the U.S. border at San Ysidro, Calif., prompting President Trump to order the border crossing to be completely shutdown.

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