After Media Hits Trump On Caravan, Obama’s Dirtiest Skeleton Falls Out

Obama thought his dark past was safe – now it’s out in the open.

The liberal media, as usual, has been distorting the events at the border.

Hundreds of migrants attacked our Border Patrol, throwing rocks and bottles. They responding using non-lethal, crowd control methods.

This was the appropriate response, given the violent actions of migrants.

Our dishonest media has tried to smear Trump over the necessary actions. They want you to believe that our president is being cruel.

Apparently, they didn’t care when—in 2013—Obama’s Border Patrol did the EXACT. SAME. THING.

From Washington Examiner:

As the Trump administration’s use of tear gas on migrants trying to illegally cross the border over the weekend draws backlash, a 2013 story about the Obama administration using a similar method on disorderly migrants resurfaced…

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