Vet Proudly Hangs Trump Flag Outside Home – Next Morning He Looks Outside, Gasps In Shock

The land of the free…

…but only if you’re a liberal.

This is the agenda the mainstream media has been pushing; this is the dirty little secret behind the “tolerant” Leftist perspective.

If you’re a straight white male in this country, you can be mocked and even attacked, and at this point, the media might APPLAUD.

And God help you if you support your President.

Veteran Gus Klein found this out the hard way, and now he understands:

There’s nothing “peace-loving” about liberals … you will follow them, or they will attack.

From the Miami Herald:

After someone burned a ‘Trump 2020’ flag flying outside of his house, Gus Klein says he sees his Burlington, Vermont, neighborhood in a whole new light.

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