Cher Demands Women ‘Take Control’ Of Men’s Bodies – In The Sickest Way Imaginable

Wow… she really IS nuts!

It seems Hollywood elites have gone completely off the deep end.

It’s one thing to be liberal – Hollywood has been liberal for decades – but it’s quite another to be champions of dysfunction and hate.

And out-of-touch wackjobs like Cher are leading the charge.

Cher has come absolutely unglued in recent weeks, throwing up all-caps Tweets that are just … outrageously insane.

Her latest is so nuts it’s actually frightening:

Get ready, because this takes man-hating sexism to a whole new level.

Via Breitbart:

Left-wing pop icon Cher suggested in a recent social media post that women create laws over men’s bodies…

…like banning the use of Viagra and giving the death penalty for those men who use massage parlors.


This sounds like some sort of parallel universe where women keep men as pets, complete with leashes and cages.

The terrifying part? Cher is so crazy, she might actually approve of that.

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