Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court Plan Just Slipped Out – Welcome To The Swamp

She’s not done with politics yet – and a small change just revealed her new Washington ambition.

Hillary made it clear that she will not be running for president again. Thank goodness.

At the same time, it’s kind of surprising, given how determined she’s been—for over forty years—to acquire power.

Unfortunately for America, it looks like she has her eyes set on a different position.

From True Pundit:

True Pundit has verified the Arkansas Judiciary has reinstated Hillary Clinton’s suspended law license, just days ago — 17 years after it was suspended.

Hillary announced last week she would not seek the presidency in 2020 but the quiet mysterious reinstatement of her law license sets the stage for a possible Attorney General post, according to Clinton and DC insiders.

Or perhaps the Supreme Court.

It might sound far-fetched, but why else would she want her law license reinstated?

It’s not as if she’s opening her own law practice. I doubt we’ll be seeing her face on the sides of buses anytime soon.

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