Liberal Pollution Study Reveals The ‘Truth’ – Even The AIR We Breathe Is Racist!

However, non-Hispanic whites experience a ‘pollution advantage,’ meaning they breathe about 17 percent less air pollution than whites cause.

Furthermore, the study finds that because of “wealth,” whites consume more than minorities and hence, contribute more to pollution.

Yup, not only is low air quality the fault of white people, but it’s ALSO their fault because minorities have to breathe it more.

Well, this one takes the cake, doesn’t it?

Somehow, these scientists – who apparently have nothing better to do – have found yet another way to blame the world’s ills on white people.

It’s called racism. Especially because the obvious implication is that whites are somehow hurting minorities, either consciously or unconsciously.

But liberals don’t care about the idiocy and irrelevance of such studies; they simply want to continue targeting whites.

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Source: Breitbart

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