Trump Calls Congress Bluff – Donald Drops His Presidential Hammer

The good news for Trump? They don’t have anything close to a veto-proof majority, so after his veto, this is probably where it ends.

For anyone who doesn’t know, there are dozens of national emergencies currently on the books.

One million people are projected to cross our border this year. Even the mainstream media has reported this.

Is that not an emergency?

Republicans say they are worried a Democrat president would use this power in the future for liberal goals.

But what’s the real problem here?

The Washington swamp has made little progress to fix the border problem over the last 50 years. As much as I love Ronald Reagan, even he made major compromises and the problem only got worse.

President Trump is finally doing something about it, and that won’t work for Washington.

But Donald the Dealmaker is holding to his principles and protecting the border wall for the sake of the American people.

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Source: AP News

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  • 🎆💓👍President TRUMP is gonna VETO the damned demoncrat murderous inspired resolution

    the House just passed rebuking our honorable US President TRUMP

    declared a national emergency on all the terrorism that’s a daily violent exchange

    that demoncrats and the republican neverTRUMP politicians

    are purposely help causing

    and neverTRUMP politicians are loving the violent dilemmas

    they hope is hurting President TRUMP’s Presidency and killing as much
    & many

    TRUMP supporters as possible which hopefully gaining

    many illegal demoncratic voters

    Sad & true!!!