Alaskan Federal Judge Just Screwed All Of America

A federal judge Friday vacated President Donald Trump’s order to revoke a ban on oil and gas exploration in federal waters in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

Former President Barack Obama unilaterally enacted the bans near the end of his second term. Obama used powers under a 1953 law over offshore drilling to block oil lease sales on 125 million acres in Arctic seas and 4 million acres in the Atlantic Ocean.

Trump revoked Obama’s oil ban in April 2017 while the Department of the Interior conducted a larger review of the Outer Continental Shelf five-year drilling plan.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Gleason, whom Obama appointed in 2011, effectively replaced the ban after a coalition of environmental groups sued over Trump’s executive order. Gleason agreed with the environmentalists that, while the president has the power to enact a ban under the 1953 code, the law does not expressly allow the president to remove one.

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  • It Appears to me these people cannot be fair. They are Biased to start with. If Obama who falsely identified himself as one thing when he was totally something Different and he’s made that point all on his own. That yes Americans had voted in A Muslim under false pretenses. We should REVOKE EVERY SINGLE THING HE DID. We all know he never followed the Constitution EVER. TO ME THAT MAKES EVERYTHING HE DID NULL AND VOID!!! I say let Americans vote on it if it weren’t for the fact people are being brainwashed every single day. By the fake news media they to are Obama operatives. Cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They too have made it clear exactly how Biased and lying every single day to everyday Americans so they can make them believe LIES. I THINK MEDIA SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN WHEN IT’S A FACT THEY CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH!!!
    Hell if it was once in a whil it would be one thing. But its been shown they have been in connection with the WHITE HOUSE UNDER GLOBALIST RULES. Americans are not Globalist we love our constitution and if you don’t mabe you should consider going somewhere you feel you would fit in. But stop trying to change America and STOP GIVING IT AWAY. And Fucking be FAIR. TRUMP WON FAIR AND SQUARE. NO Bullshit Russhian help!! Like 2000 dollars really changed anyone’s mind. Hillary was A bad candidate, Bernie Sanders was even WORSE, I enjoy my freedom. And Obama can kiss my ass I’m not giving up any of my rights so the GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL ME. And little children don’t understand ways of the world at 16!! If they did we wouldn’t no longer have to continue to RAISE Them