The Pope Slams Border Wall, Makes A Fool Of Himself In Front Of The Whole World

Pope Francis seems to have a problem with countries that want to secure their borders.

The Pope, who lives behind massive walls says that President Trump’s border wall would make the U.S. a prisoner …

What in the hell is he talking about?

He also says that America should welcome all immigrants (without considering all the factors and dangers.)

Joshua Gill at Daily Caller reports that Francis disparaged the Trump administration’s stance on immigration in an interview with Spanish journalist Jordi Evole from La Sexta on Friday before leaving for his trip to Morocco. The pontiff criticized not only the U.S., but also other countries that have put up physical barriers to illegal migrants, like Spain.

“He who raises a wall ends up a prisoner of the wall he erected,” Francis said, according to Crux Now. “That’s a universal law in the social order and in the personal one. If you raise a wall between people, you end up a prisoner of that wall that you raised.”

“Yes, I defend my autonomy, yes. But you’re left alone like a mushroom,” he added.


On migration, the pontiff’s focus wasn’t just on the United States.

There are currently several nations building some form of walls and fences to keep migrants out, including Spain, which has erected fences with knife-like spikes at the top. During a segment of the interview, the pope is seen holding one of them, calling them “shameful.”

Talking about the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean that has seen more than 35,000 people drown in recent years trying to reach Europe, the pope said he cannot understand the “insensibility.”

“I don’t understand the injustice of war, the injustice of hunger, the injustice of exploitation, which makes a person migrate looking for better things,” Francis says. “And the injustice of whoever closes the door to him [or her].”

According to the pontiff, a son of Italian immigrants himself, the important thing is to have an open heart, as this is the attitude called for in the Bible: “You were a migrant in Egypt,” he says.

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