AOC’s Latest Approval Ratings Are IN – Her Explosive Reaction Is Just PRICELESS

The crybaby princess refuses to blame herself, so…

Hey, in case you didn’t know–

AOC’s approval ratings are tanking big time.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), once the Golden Girl for the increasingly far-left Democratic Party, is apparently losing supporters at an alarming rate.

The latest shocking poll numbers are in and AOC has hit an all-time low.

And here’s the best part: this poll was conducted by a significantly liberal source; the ultra-left-wing Quinnipiac.

So, when Quinnipiac tells you a Democrat’s numbers are in the toilet, they must REALLY be bad.

And just how bad is it for the new Queen of Socialism?

Quinnipiac found Ocasio-Crazy’s national favorability rating sits at a pathetic 23 percent…

…her unfavorable is 36 percent, which means she is upside down by double digits — 13 whole points.

Well now, that’s just terrible, isn’t it?

You can’t have a favorability rating of less than 25 percent and expect to stay in your position of power for very long.

And perhaps most significantly, this poll also found that less than half – 47 percent – of Democrats view AOC in a positive light.

And a whopping 44 percent don’t even know who she is!

Ocasio-Cortez is going backwards with two significant groups as well; both Independents and women are turning away from her.

And who do you think AOC blames for this descent? …if you answered “herself,” you obviously don’t know how most liberals operate.

No, liberals don’t take responsibility. Instead, they blame other people:

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