Chicago Mayor Knows Who To Blame For The Smollett Hoax … And It Isn’t Smollett

I bet you can guess WHO he blames…

Can you believe the 16 felony counts against Jussie Smollett were dropped?!

Seems everyone was outraged at this gross miscarriage of justice.

And that includes Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel; in fact, he initially stood behind the Chicago PD, condemning the prosecutors who dropped the case.

But we can’t forget one important fact: Emanuel is, of course liberal.

And now, true to his nature, he’s decided to blame the Smollett mess, not on Smollett but on…

Yeah, you probably guessed it.

From TownHall:

Rahm Emanuel blames Donald Trump’s ‘toxic environment’ for Jussie Smollett.

‘The only reason Jussie Smollett thought he could take advantage of a hoax about a hate crime is for the environment, the toxic environment that Donald Trump created’”

Boy, these Democrats stick together, don’t they?

Here we have a man who faked a hate crime in order to get attention.

In so doing, he slandered millions of Americans, white people who support Trump, by framing them with this hate crime.

He was arrested for what he did and faced 16 felony charges. But mysteriously, they were all dropped…

Smollett disgraced our justice system, the Chicago PD, and all of America.

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