Trump Finds Top Leader Behind The Caravans, Drops His Presidential Hammer

Donald just froze him out with his triple-play – now Democrats are scrambling.

We know that Democrats have all but encouraged the caravans by blocking funds to build the border wall.

And we also know that there are groups of liberal activists who are helping these caravans with supplies and legal help to cross the border.

But another man is really to blame for our new border crisis and the 20,000-strong caravan. A powerful president. From the Washington Times:

U.S. officials said Mr. Trump’s frustration has flared after the Mexican government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in December.

Trump is MAD – and he’s not going to let the Mexican president get away with it.

President Lopez Obrador broke with his predecessor by welcoming Central Americans into Mexico.

He’s gone as far as offering them assistance and visas. This has all but ensured migrants can easily move through Mexico and attempt to jump the American border.

Border arrests have surged from 60,000 per month last year to more than 100,000 just this March.

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